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* D&A Case Management Specialist (Local Government)

This is professional work providing a full range of case management services in the field of drug and alcohol. Employees assess clients' needs and then determine the level of care required based on placement guidelines, coordinate access to treatment services, and develop and implement a comprehensive service plan. They also monitor the treatment progress of clients, write reports, and advocate for clients with other agencies or organizations to maximize clients' benefits.

Job Requirements - You may be tested before your qualifications are reviewed. Your test results will count only if you meet all job requirements. If after reading the requirements you are not sure you qualify, contact the Commission's office in Harrisburg listed under the section "How To Apply."

You must be a Pennsylvania resident of good moral character and able to perform the essential functions of the job.

Minimum Requirements - One year as a D&A Case Management Specialist Trainee (Local Government); OR one year of direct service experience performing counseling or case management work in an alcohol or other drug treatment setting; AND a bachelor's degree in chemical dependency, sociology, social welfare, psychology, nursing or a related field, or a bachelor's degree which includes or is supplemented by successful completion of 18 college credits in sociology, social welfare, psychology, criminal justice or other related social sciences; OR an equivalent combination of experience and training. You may substitute related education for the required experience or appropriate experience for the required education. Unrelated experience or education will not be accepted.

Testing - The 3-hour test will cover the following subject areas: principles and methods of casework, principles and methods of individual interviewing; addiction as a disease and its treatment methodologies; effective expression; principles and methods of D&A case management; and D&A treatment modalities and effects of addiction.

The test will be given as soon as possible after your application is received. The test will be held in the Harrisburg Civil Service office, Monday through Friday. To make an appointment, submit your completed paper application to the Harrisburg office. The test will also be held on selected Saturdays at a variety of Statewide locations. See the "Test Information" section of your application for details.

If you take the test and want to take it again, you may be retested after six months from the date of your test. You must submit a new application to be retested.

If your name is on the eligible list for these jobs and you take this test, your most recent examination result will be the only one counted.

Test Results - Employment and promotion lists will be established. You will be notified in writing of your test results.

How To Apply - Applications and further information can be obtained from the Pennsylvania State Civil Service Commission, 2nd Level, Strawberry Square Complex, 320 Market Street, PO Box 569, Harrisburg 17108-0569.
Telephone (voice) (717) 783-3058
Text Telephone (Deaf/Hard of Hearing callers only) (717) 772-2685






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