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Early intervention is an array of supports and services that promote opportunities for parents to enhance their capacity in raising their child with developmental delays/disabilities. Specifically, parents/caregivers are taught how to support their child to help him/her grow. This is known as the Family Training Model. Early intervention works best when it is part of a family/child's daily routine and activities and when it occurs in the context of the child and family's everyday life. Supports and services provided to children and their families/caregivers use a variety of early intervention approaches. Decisions about which approach to use is based on the kind of support a child needs to learn and achieve an outcome. Approaches could include but are not limited to modeling, direct instruction, and consultation and collaboration. Early intervention services could include, but are not limited to:

Special instruction
Assistive technology
Speech and language
Audiology services
Family training and counseling
Occupational and physical therapy
Psychological services
Vision services

Services are based upon a team decision regarding what is most likely to meet the needs of the child and family at this point in time. Service changes are based in the child's progress and team consensus about service needs. Service needs adapt to the progress the child makes.

Early Intervention Tracking is available for children who meet the criteria. Once enrolled in Tracking, the Service Coordinator meets with the family at set intervals to complete an Ages and Stages Questionnaire. The Service Coordinator also provides the family with developmental information and suggestions that the family can try with the child between Tracking visits.

Early Intervention Service Coordination begins at the time of the referral. The Service Coordinator guides the family through eligibility determination. Once the child is determined eligible for services and a plan is written, the Service Coordinator continues in monitoring service delivery, progress and ensures that the plan is kept updated. The Service Coordinator also assists the family with accessing other community programs and agencies and provides information about community resources and activities. The Service Coordinator will also guide the family through a transition process planning for what will happen when the child turns 3.



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