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CMSU Parent to Parent

1-800-433-9015 or (570) 966-3859


Terri Manning, Coordinator

CMSU Parent to Parent is a support program for families that have children with special needs. We serve Columbia, Montour, Snyder and Union Counties within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Services are free and confidential.

The Program offers information, referrals, resources and parent matches. Parents are matched with a mentor parent who has a child with a similar situation. This type of support is unique and cannot come from any other source. It is comforting for parents to realize they are not alone and to know that other parents are going through what they are experiencing. Research shows, families that are matched with mentor parents early on are 80% more likely to accept and cope with their situation and find resources better than families not matched.

Families that have children of any age and any diagnosis are welcome to call. Matches can be made for physical disabilities, mental retardation or any mental health condition.



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